The Insect Zapper™ Mosquito Lamp
The Insect Zapper™ Mosquito Lamp
The Insect Zapper™ Mosquito Lamp

The Insect Zapper™ Mosquito Lamp

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Our mosquito lamp has some AMAZING features such as:

Compact & Stylish

With The Insect Zapper Mosquito Lamp, not only will you be keeping your home bug free, the sleek and minimal design will blend in perfectly with any home design!

100% USB Powered

Say goodbye to cheap store bought batteries. With our convenient USB charged battery, you can plug your mosquito lamps in and recharge them almost anywhere!

High Powered Suction

Our lamp comes installed with a high powered, yet quiet fan. Traditional zappers can be noisy and disturb you in your sleep. When mosquitoes enter the fan, they are quickly and efficiently dried out and placed into our inescapable box!

Inescapable Box

Our lamps are attached to our custom built boxes. These boxes are easy to clean and don't come with all the hassle a normal zapper would. The amount of storage space in our boxes typically lasts around 3 weeks before needing to be emptied. Simply unscrew the bottom and dispose of the remains.

How many should I buy?

Our lamps only cover a certain amount of distance, so we recommend at least having around a 2-3 units spread throughout your home for maximum protection! If mosquitoes are infrequently in your home, we recommend starting with about 2 units near the main entrances.
The Insect Zapper™ Mosquito Lamp